Wine 1.0 "one of the great Linux innovations of 2008"

Dan Kegel dank at
Tue Dec 30 15:54:19 CST 2008
"WINE 1.0:

When the WINE project began as a compatibility layer to run Windows
programs atop Linux, the Windows 3.1 operating system was dominating
the market. It took fifteen years for this free software project to
come out with a version 1.0 release, but it reached this milestone in
June. WINE now is able to run many Windows programs out there, and
even many OpenGL / DirectX video games, but the development community
has been continuing in a steadfast manner working to prepare the WINE
1.2 stable release for next year. WINE is now even being used by
Google for their Picasa Linux port as well as other uses.

Some of the progress that's been made this year following the 1.0
release has been support for Google Chrome, substantial JS support,
X11 desktop work areas, the start of Direct3D 10.0 support, improved
memory management, and many other features."

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