kernel32: Add GetProductInfo() stub & defines.

Alistair Leslie-Hughes leslie_alistair at
Tue Dec 30 18:46:22 CST 2008

Hi Andrew,
"Andrew Riedi"  wrote in message news:689de9370812301624l74fc94f9xc200587f8f07c70a at
>This patch helps bug #15638. ( )
>kernel32: Add GetProductInfo() stub & defines.
>Based on a patch by Alexander Nicolaysen Sørnes.

>@ stdcall lstrlenA(str)
>@ stdcall lstrlenW(wstr)
>+@ stdcall GetProductInfo(long long long long ptr)

We try to keep the spec file in alphabetical order.  Its in the right section, just needs to be moved up.

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 Alistair Leslie-Hughes
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