Jeremy White jwhite at
Tue Dec 30 19:47:02 CST 2008

I've had a series of patches on this, that I think have been gradually 
growing less wrong.

The 9/17 patches were the last set that were useful by themselves; you 
should try to get those to apply:

My current belief is that the font code needs to be refactored to enable 
  a correct implementation.  I submitted that refactoring to wine-devel 
back in October as an RFC:

I believe that a fully correct implementation of 
CreateScalableFontResource flows from that refactoring and a fairly 
obvious adjustment of the 9/17 patches.

But the importance of this code, my inexperience with it, and the part 
time nature of my efforts have all led Alexandre to reasonably be very 
leery of the code.

At this point, I am waiting until I have enough time to really focus on 
it to submit it as a full patch set.  I am intending to work on 
improving the tests around the related code as an intermediate step.

But, importantly, it's not likely to see progress in the near term, so 
your best bet would be to grab the 9/17 patches and attempt to apply them.



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