Contribution to the Toolbar common control

ricardo filipe ricardo_barbano at
Wed Dec 31 09:49:01 CST 2008

although he used disassembly to check our implementation, he gave msdn proof for the notifications he talked about...
and didn't contribute code.

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> Subject: Re: Contribution to the Toolbar common control
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> On Wed, Dec 31, 2008 at 3:49 AM, Alan Feldman wrote:
>> Hello Wine developers,
>> I am writing to this forum because I wanted to contribute some useful
>> development information to your community while at the same time not
>> have to get too involved as I currently have no plans to stay involved
>> going forward.
>> I wanted to say that I am *really* impressed with the codebase that
>> you guys have developed! I stumbled across the Winehq site as I was
>> looking for more information on Microsoft's Toolbar common control.
>> The source code you guys have has made understanding the internals of
>> the Toolbar control really easy and I really appreciate the work you
>> guys have done. (I even took a peek at Microsoft's comctl32.dll
>> disassembly to confirm a couple of the things you guys wrote and it
>> checked out) ;-)
> Wine doesn't allow reverse engineering. Sorry, but you won't be able
> to contribute code if you looked at its disassembly.
> --
> -Austin
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