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Alan Feldman alanfeld at
Wed Dec 31 18:53:41 CST 2008

Ouch Austin. But thanks Ricardo for explaining to Austin that I wasn't
actually contributing "code" and I also didn't use any reverse
engineering to come up with that discovery.

All I did was go to Microsoft's MSDN Libary web site and compare the
Toolbar messages listed there with the "publicly available" Microsoft
header files (you guys do actually allow yourselves to visit
Microsoft's MSDN Library every now and then and peruse Microsoft's
publicly available header files don't you?). And I discovered that
there were several Toolbar messages that were listed on the MSDN
Library web site that were not listed in the publicly available header

If you had actually gone to the web links I had listed before you
would have seen text similar to the following at the bottom of each

<< This message is not included in a public header at this time. It is
defined as WM_USER + 94. >>

All I was trying to do was give you guys actual, "published" names
from Microsoft for some constants you guys are using in your code so
you didn't have to suffer from looking at names like TB_UNKWN45E
rather than a much more meaningful and now published name of

I will list that information here again in case someone other than
yourself finds the information of use. But I really don't care whether
you make use of this discovery or not. I just figured since the code
from your community helped me out, I would try to give something back
to you guys. Take it and make use of it, or leave it. I really don't

TB_UNKWN460 is really TB_SETLISTGAP  (WM_USER + 96)
TB_UNKWN467 (which is not in the Wine source yet) is really

Take care, and good luck,

  Alan Feldman

"ricardo filipe" <ricardo_barbano at> wrote in message
news:BAY118-W42006CA0FFCB83171C224783E40 at phx.gbl...

although he used disassembly to check our implementation, he gave msdn
proof for the notifications he talked about...
and didn't contribute code.

On Wed, Dec 31, 2008 at 9:45 AM, Austin English <austinenglish at> wrote:
> On Wed, Dec 31, 2008 at 3:49 AM, Alan Feldman <alanfeld at> wrote:
>> Hello Wine developers,
>> I am writing to this forum because I wanted to contribute some useful
>> development information to your community while at the same time not
>> have to get too involved as I currently have no plans to stay involved
>> going forward.
>> I wanted to say that I am *really* impressed with the codebase that
>> you guys have developed! I stumbled across the Winehq site as I was
>> looking for more information on Microsoft's Toolbar common control.
>> The source code you guys have has made understanding the internals of
>> the Toolbar control really easy and I really appreciate the work you
>> guys have done. (I even took a peek at Microsoft's comctl32.dll
>> disassembly to confirm a couple of the things you guys wrote and it
>> checked out) ;-)
> Wine doesn't allow reverse engineering. Sorry, but you won't be able
> to contribute code if you looked at its disassembly.
> --
> -Austin

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