What's needed to make gdb work again?

Eric Pouech eric.pouech at orange.fr
Fri Feb 1 14:23:29 CST 2008

Maarten Lankhorst a écrit :
> Hi folks,
> I've been trying some debugging with kdbg (Graphical kde debugger), but
> it fails on wine because it can't attach to a process.
> While it is of course possible to use WINEDEBUG flags, I want to be able
> to use a full debugger, and not just deduce from logs what happened, but
> rather be able to see the corresponding lines of source as well. so
> would it be possible to make gdb work with winedbg again, and perhaps
> make it understand threads this time?
> Cheers,
> Maarten.
winedbg works
winedbg --gdb works
kdbg works as well (look at the tips on the wine doc about setting up 
kdbg with winedbg and the gdb proxy...). it however requires a patch for 
the proxy that i'm about to send for newer gdb versions

Eric Pouech
"The problem with designing something completely foolproof is to underestimate the ingenuity of a complete idiot." (Douglas Adams)

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