Resend patch from Norbert

Vitaliy Margolen wine-devel at
Sat Feb 2 15:38:27 CST 2008

Rico Schüller wrote:
> Hi,
> I only resend a patch because it isn't in the todays git and the author 
> didn't answer for a while.
> Cheers
> Rico
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
> -    memcpy(pRect, &This->updateStateBlock->scissorRect, sizeof(pRect));
> +    memcpy(pRect, &This->updateStateBlock->scissorRect, sizeof(RECT));

To avoid such problems in the future one should use something like:

     *pRect = This->updateStateBlock->scissorRect;

Doing a quick search through wined3d I've found number of places with memcpy 
instead of simple assignment of one struct to another struct. This is a good 
janitorial task to get rid of memcpy where simple assignment will work.


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