winetest experience

Jeremy White jwhite at
Mon Feb 4 21:49:48 CST 2008

Okay, so I boldly tried to use winetest with what documentation
I could find, and had time.

I created these files:

[jertop] cat
[jertop] cat build.nfo
A Large Shovel
[jertop] cat tests.url

did a make dist, and then did:

./winetest -c -t "jw-etch32"

It ran, did it's thing, and had one interactive thing
(Gecko fussed at me; that's not a Winetest bug afaik).

Then when it was all done, it transferred my nearly
1 MB file, and then errored out with:
  "Unknown build id"

So then I looked at the output file, and sure enough, it had
a - for build info, not my fancy git id.

So I hacked that, put in jwtip, and then ran winetest -s
to send my output file through.

And then I have a lovely result here:

So that's *something* at least.  Although I suspect someone will now
have to go clean up my mess :-/.

So...what's the convention for etc?  And
why didn't they get set?



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