Call for winetest ing

Jeremy White jwhite at
Tue Feb 5 10:57:51 CST 2008

Hi Paul,

> Something we also have with the current tests is that the source files actually
> point to the correct version in CVS. I now see some strange links to refs on

Well, I'm afraid I'd argue that the current tests should be updated to point
to git...

> Even though the HEAD sha1 looks better than the date for a build-id it will
> again introduce a lot of directories with only a few tests in there.

Is that really true?

Alexandre tends to touch the tree once a day, usually all in one batch.
If folks kick off winetest right before the leave for the day, wouldn't
the odds be that everyone would have the same HEAD sha1?  (I guess that requires
people to run winetest from a clean, winehq only tree).

And even if it is true, isn't it more logically correct?

Right now, I could download a winetest.exe and use
Wine-0.9.1 to run it, and it would be grouped in the same bucket as someone running
off their own badly hacked wine tip tree.  Doesn't that create misleading data?

However, I agree that if we changed that now it would be a mess; we'd need to change
the script that presents the directories to group them by date so as to present the
more recent sha1 keys.

> I don't see a problem with running the winetest executable under Wine the same 
> as I do under all kinds of Windows versions.

Perhaps you're right.  Occam would suggest you are.

But it sticks in my craw.  I have a source tree; I have
built the files; I can run make test and it fails badly.  I want to tell the world
about my failures now (/me stamps his little feet  <grin>).

Getting a .exe from you requires you to have reliably built winetest.exe, and does not
allow me to test the tip *now*.  Further, if there are any discrepancies introduced
by the way my system builds the test .exe files compared to yours, running your winetest.exe won't
catch them.  (I realize that may be pure rationalization).

I think to some extent we are at different purposes, which may explain a
reason to change.

I think winetest has long been used to test the tests themselves, and to identify
the issues with the tests and fix them.  That is, the variable is the tests, and the underlying
OS (i.e. Windows) is essentially a constant.

But my purpose requires 2 variables - the tests changing as needed, but also the
underlying OS - Wine - changing rapidly as well.



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