Code quality (was Re: comctl32: Fix invalid syntax)

Marcel Partap mpartap at
Fri Feb 8 07:22:19 CST 2008

hi base,
 >> If is Alexandre's own property, this is something
 >> fundametally wrong again.
Well.. then 'something' must be wrong with the linux kernel aswell.. how comes noone forked? hmmm..

 > You may try to learn how things work in the Wine project by reading
 > the following thread:
Although time consuming, it was rather a good read. While digesting the follow up 'governance ideas'
thread I had a little idea that might help, though I doubt the problems discussed at that time are
still that relevant. IMHO most of the wine-patches-black-hole problem is complexity of submitted
patches, making them hard to review and rather lead to those patches being silently skipped in favor
of the infinitly queuing later patches. One simple fix for this would be to recommend a maximum size
for diffs on the developer wiki (additionally to the recommendation to focus on a small context per
patch) and set up a wine-patches auto-reply for patches beyond that size, warning the submitter that
because of sheer size (=complexity), the patch is likely to be skipped because of merge pressure of
the following patches. That way, new contributors would get another visible warning to submit
patches that are easier to review.
Again, I can't estimate how much of an issue this is atm. I see a lot of patches commit or discussed
on -devel, so it might not be at all. Anyways..

Another thing: after my important exam in march, I will probably try setting up a drupal site and
see how it can be merged/ integrated with the wineforum, mailing lists and bugzilla.. there are some
cool modules and regexp power waiting to be explored :)

Last note: Jesse's DIB engine stuff, my work on printing aswell as Detlef's progress on sanitizing
the spooler will hopefully show some results, too. Jesse I'll discuss that stuff with you next month
be sure to be ready for some wine-patches resubmit cycles ;D
regards, marcel.

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