Fixing make test - progress update

Jeremy White jwhite at
Fri Feb 8 07:58:01 CST 2008

I believe that we have an easy way
to find out the 'state of the art' wrt to make test.

That is, my patch + request of a few days ago:
resulted in a very nice, easy to digest report

That data has five test runs and shows clear across
the board failures in msi:install, shell32:shellink,
user32:listbox, and user32:msg.

So, we can quickly and easily collate and visually see
the make test failures.

And, heck, I'm sure that fixing those failures is now
a trivial exercise.

Now we just need the will.  :-/.

Not sure how to arrange that, but I think having make
test succeed on all systems should be a mandatory
requirement for Wine 1.0, so I think we have to work
on solving it sooner rather than later.

The todo's as I see them are as follows:

  1.  Revise winetest to not require the 'make dist'
      step, so that the function of my patch can
      be implemented more cleanly.

  2.  Persuade people to run a script on a regular
      basis so we always have this data.  It's
      trickier than the average bear because the tests
      require the 'real' console, so you can't just
      stick it in a headless cron job.  Maybe some
      xauth magic... :-/

  3.  (The hard one)  Focus in and fix the issues.

I'll work on #1 and #2 (although not for a week or two),
if everyone else agrees to do #3 <evil grin>.



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