Is wine reporting the right value for MaxVertexBlendMatrices ?

Julio Fernandez ucldb at
Sat Feb 9 15:19:35 CST 2008

First my deep apologize for the multiple/double post, I am not too used 
to post on news and I was not seeing my posts so I though they were 
getting 'lost' somewhere

As for system specs I run 2x Geforce 7900GS on SLI configuration with 
Nvidia 169.07 driver, x64 architecture, Debian etch, XOrg 7.1.1

Stefan Dösinger escribió:

> I am not sure if 0 is the correct value to return in case of no vertex 
> blending support. What happens if you set it to 1? 1 would be a reasonable 
> default as well, because we're still able to transform vertices with one 
> matrix(ie, unblened transformation). It could also be that this game silently 
> expects vertex blending to be supported: For one part, all dx8+ cards support 
> this feature on Windows, and on older cards Windows has software vertex 
> processing which can perform blending in a slow, but working fashion.

1 won't work as d3dx9_30 does <2 (or <=2, I cant rememeber the exact asm 
comparison) check against the returned value so both 0 and 1 will work 
the same way

The game made a requirement to have DX9c many months ago

The odd part of it all is the own d3dx9_30 declaring type '0xfe' 
vertexes and odd offsets when receiving a 0 as value

On a side note, what's the status of 2.0 and 1.4 shaders in wine?
wine reports

fixme:d3d:IWineD3DDeviceImpl_CreateVertexBuffer Out of memory!

trying to


when loading data from some zones, and then freezing the screen 
(although the rest of wine and the game keeps running in the background)

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