Is wine reporting the right value for MaxVertexBlendMatrices ?

Stefan Dösinger stefan at
Sun Feb 10 06:10:10 CST 2008

Am Sonntag, 10. Februar 2008 11:27:22 schrieb Julio Fernandez:
> So my question is: is there any reason to not have wine return
> MaxVertexBlendMatrices=4 (as it works regardless of what opengl
> reports), and if so is it any other way for people willing to use some
> programs (like Everquest) to 'hack' it's value than modify
> IDirect3DDevice9Impl_GetDeviceCaps manually to make it return 4
Returning 4 makes Everquest happy, but will break other apps.

I think the only way to fix this properly is to complete Henri's fixed 
function pipeline replacement shader in order to implemen vertex blending 
using shaders. This is major task unfortunately.

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