? on Repositories for Unaccept Patches and (work in Progress).

Joseph Stein joseph_d_stein at yahoo.com
Sun Feb 10 11:51:04 CST 2008

Is there a Git Repositories for Unaccept Patches or (work in Progress)?

If not (which i think is the case and why I posting here instead of the user mailing list.), could you create one(along with a text file explain what need to be done to be accepted)?

Here are some reason I think It is Needed.

1.)  It would allow developer and users  to see what the source done.

I have read a very good article about usb support in wine an winehq.org here 


wich said that 

>An ntoskrnl.exe was written a couple of years ago to load drivers, >specifically the Safedisc Windows kernel driver, but it still hasn't been >accepted.  Apparently there's some low-level internal Wine issues >and Alexandre wants those fixed before accepting the patch.

2.) Allow people two git  possibly some things work that would other wise not work.

using the patch for ntoskrnl.exe  that was not accept as an example, (please correct me if i wrong), could possible git some drivers working (usb  driver may be?) program to work.  which is currently not possible with wine from what i read.

Yes It dose cause other wine problem which is not big deal, if you compile and run wine form the source directory from which it is compiled instead of installing it (the multiple wine install way).

In other words you code use the patch version of wine just for the  program that need the patch to work .(Is it not better to have a broken wine (with partal diver) support, then a stable wine with-out (partal diver) support when  The program you are running requires a driver.)

3.)If done right  in my humble opinion  would help prevent developer from getting discurage becuase all there work has be chuck out the window.

Giving more Light to what i said above,   What I mean buy  "if done right",Is that if a developer(who is looking for something to do) would go look at what patches Have not be accepted (but have almost all basic done) and help the developer git it accepted ,Would 
in my humble opinion encourage  more developer to join which is need for a complicated project such as wine.

Basically  threat unaccepted patch as bugs(while keeping the patch out of wine), instead of chucking it out the window.

This type of thing is done in boost  project i be-leave, but I taking it one step further and asking for a text file on "what need to be done to be include which each unaccepted patches".

Thank you for any reply, 

Please forgive me if I got any of what i said above wrong,  I'm not a real good developer and only have a real basic idea of wine and have not work on wine because it to confusing to me(but have download and looked at from git Repositories) 

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