Wine patches integrated into Valgrind svn

Dan Kegel dank at
Sun Feb 10 16:22:32 CST 2008

Hey, the Valgrind developers finally merged the Wine
support patches!  I just built Valgrind from svn as
described here:
and on a fresh install of Gutsy, it just worked, no patches.

To run Valgrind's tests under Wine, I configure valgrind with
--prefix=/usr/local/valgrind-svn, then do something like

cd wine-git/tools
wget -O
patch -p2 < runtests.patch

Then to run all the tests, I do

cd ~/wine-git
sh tools/

or to run just one test, I do
 cd ~/wine-git/dlls/riched20/tests
 make test

I've only verified that this works well on one machine so far, but
I have high hopes.  Anyone else feel like giving it a whirl?
- Dan

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