Is there a Git Repositories for Unaccept Patches or (work in Progress)?

Joseph Stein joseph_d_stein at
Sun Feb 10 19:59:20 CST 2008

Dan Kegel <dank at> wrote:Dan Kegel wrote   

>Joeseph wrote:
>> Is there a Git Repositories for Unaccept Patches or (work >in Progress)?

>Not really, but people often attach patches to bugzilla
>entries if they're not quite good enough to submit.
>And if anybody wants to start such a git repository,
>more power to them.

Thank I did not know that.

>>An ntoskrnl.exe was written a couple of years ago to load drivers,
>>specifically the Safedisc Windows kernel driver,
>> but it still hasn't been accepted.

>>The article you read is out of date; ntoskrnl.exe is now part >>of >wine.

This is good to here to.

>> Basically  threat unaccepted patch as bugs(while keeping >>the patch out of wine), instead of chucking it out the window.

>As I said above, developers are free to attach patches to bug >reports.

>What you're really trying to get at is: sometimes developers
>get discouraged at how hard it is to get patches into Wine.
>But no mechanical aid will really help there.  The only cure
>is persistance on the part of the developer, and assistance
>(chiefly good feedback) from other Wine developers.
>After a developer gets a few patches committed, the
>wine process starts to feel a lot smoother.

That basically what i said yes but, the main reason I wanted the git Repositories was it more an acknowledge that you did do something and set a flag developer could use to help people if they wanted to.  

Please don't take this the wrong way but,

  Set a  patch that was rejected as a bug report seem to be a round about way of doing thing and a little air-i-gent to me is it not to you?    
If this is the way thing are done, why is it not listed in the doc on found on winehq  site, or was it there and I missed it.

Thank Dan you where a big help.

James Hawkins wrote: 
>> And anyone can publish GIT repos, there is problem with that.
>> (And (?) has several of them already.)


>James Hawkins

I never said you should allow everybody access 
just those who sud-met-ted a fairly good patch 

I never saw that site thou,(what is  Thank for the tip.
I browsed the wiki several times. I never 
really saw it as hack and i be-leave that why 
i missed it.


- Dan

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