IStream interface for domdoc and terminate call

Kornél Pál kornelpal at
Mon Feb 11 05:57:34 CST 2008


If you mean passing an IStream interface to method:
As far as I know save method is synchronous (if I'm wrong you still can set 
the async property to FALSE). So when the save method returns you know that 
the entire document has been passed to the IStream.

If you want to do something else please be more specific.


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Subject: IStream interface for domdoc and terminate call

> Hi, I try make IStream write interface for domdoc (msxml3). Problem is
> that microsoft doesn't have terminate string for write call and libxml
> have proble with it (more at
> ). Does
> anyone has any idea how solve it? (test in each dom call if is some
> nonparsed characters and force parsing looks very ugly).
> JR

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