dbghelp/dwarf.c: new valgrind warnings?

Dan Kegel dank at kegel.com
Mon Feb 11 19:58:03 CST 2008

I'm now seeing some new valgrind warnings when
wine is doing stack dumps after crashes:

+ Conditional jump or move depends on uninitialised value(s)
+    at  dwarf2_load_one_entry (dwarf.c:983)
+    by  dwarf2_lookup_type (dwarf.c:858)
+    by  dwarf2_load_one_entry (dwarf.c:1020)
+    by  dwarf2_parse (dwarf.c:2060)
+    by  elf_load_debug_info (elf_module.c:1085)
+    by  module_get_debug (module.c:303)
+    by  SymFromAddr (symbol.c:1071)
+    by  stack_get_current_symbol (stack.c:143)
+    by  display_print (display.c:174)
+    by  wait_exception (tgt_active.c:178)
+    by  dbg_active_auto (tgt_active.c:951)
+    by  main (winedbg.c:544)

I don't know when this started, but maybe it's related
to recent changes by Eric Pouech?
- Dan

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