[RFC] winecfg enhancements

Reece Dunn msclrhd at googlemail.com
Wed Feb 13 03:15:59 CST 2008


I am looking at how we can make winecfg more useful. I have already
supplied patches to allow importing a ubuntu human theme to work :).
So I am now looking at how to build on that.

On the Desktop Integration tab, I am planning on adding the following

  * Split the Appearance section into Theme and Appearance.

    The rationale behind this is while the two are linked, they are
also distinct. It will make it possible to simplify "Install theme..."
to just "Install...", and support enhancements below.

  *  Pre-populate the Theme list with themes in
WINDOWS/Resources/Themes and with other *.theme files added by the

    The rationale behind this is that it simplifies the workflow for
the average usage (e.g. install a theme, then select it).

  *  Rename "Install theme..." to "Add...".

     The rationale is that we are not installing a theme, but setting
it as the theme being used. Having the theme appear in the Themes list
in the future further supports this name change and workflow.

  *  Rename "(No Theme)" to "Wine Default".

    The rationale behind this is that it isn't true that there is no
theme installed (in the sense that a theme can be a set of colours and

  *  Provide an "Export..." button to the Themes section.

    The rationale behind this is that it makes it easier to create,
modify and preview themes being created. Therefore, you could create a
Ubuntu Human or Oxygen theme from winecfg.

  *  Make the theme importer read the themes [Theme]/DisplayName property.

    The rationale behind this is to make the display name user friendly.

  *  Add --import-theme command line support to winecfg.

    The rationale behind this is to support loading a theme via a
script (e.g. post-install configuration), without resorting to the
winecfg GUI.

  *  Make the shell folders a drop down list.

    The rationale behind this is that it is unclear what "link to"
applies to. An alternative is to make the listview have the
showselalways flag, so it is clearer what folder "link to" is relating

Q: Should we provide a --simple mode for winecfg that has the work
flow that Ubuntu is planning? Not specifying --simple would bring up
the standard winecfg dialog.

- Reece

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