How is the testsuite built for windows

Paul Millar paul at
Wed Feb 13 08:43:30 CST 2008

Hi Maarten,

On Wednesday 13 February 2008 00:51:11 Maarten Lankhorst wrote:
> Who managed to compile all wine tests for windows, and how is it done?

Once a day, quisquiliae head-node (attempt to) build winetest.exe (and also 
the other Wine .exe and .dll files).  Some details about this are available 

The cron script builds winetest.exe and checks whether it has changed since 
last time.  If so, registers the new build.
(This is a slight over-simplification.)

There are some notes on how to build a Windows PE cross-compiler available 
from here:

There is also a script that automates building the cross-compiler.  Wine is 
written exclusively in C, so by default, only the C frontend is built.  The 
script should support building other language frontends, but this hasn't been 
tested much.

This page also includes a set of patches for MinGW's Win32API package to allow 
MinGW to compile winetest.exe.  This patch-set is almost exclusively the work 
of others: Stefan Leichter featuring most prominently (many thanks!)

Hans Leidekker maintains a set of RPMs that should provide identical coverage 
of Win32API as Stefan, Hans, myself and others share the set of patches.  
Hans' RPMs are available from:



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