What's up with GetPrivateProfileString?

Johan Gill johan.gill at gmail.com
Fri Feb 15 05:37:49 CST 2008


The bug above is causing me some confusion regarding how
GetPrivateProfileString should behave.

Wine looks for maxis.ini in C:\Windows, and does not find it there.
Therefore, Setup.exe exits.
MSDN claims that if an absolute path is not provided, the windows
directory is searched for the file. There are also some registry
things to take into account, but maxis.ini
should not be referenced in the registry since it is located on a
CD-ROM and read before the autorun screen is shown.

It seems very likely that GetPrivateProfileString on real Windows with
just a filename as path argument looks in the current directory, but
it would be nice if someone with a real
Windows installation would check that.

I can have a try at writing the test source if necessary.
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