gecko download not robust?

TheBlunderbuss tehblunderbuss at
Fri Feb 15 11:32:37 CST 2008

marco wrote:
> I looked into it.
> And there are some options.
> I can make a separate  package  of gecko  that  I can make it a 
> dependencie of wine.
> Problem is people have to know where to find it or the get stuck.
> I can also make the package and make it not a dependencie on wine but 
> the the people don't know it exist.
> And I can just put it in the wine package.
> I think this is the best option in this case. Its the easiest option 
> because people only have to download en install one package.
> marco
This sounds good to me, but lets not compartmentalize wine too much, 
like Debian.
Who wants to find out that you need so many wine* packages in order to 
get something to work?

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