tools: add a wrapper script for starting files from file managers and make wine.desktop use it

Vincent Povirk madewokherd+d41d at
Sat Feb 16 19:50:24 CST 2008

Please do not commit this patch as explained in comment 18 of bug

Windows explorer's default behavior is to always start programs with
double quotes around their filenames, even if the filename does not
contain a space. Apparently, this is impossible (or more difficult
than it's worth) to do in a shell script so I will need to rewrite
this as a winelib program.

On Feb 13, 2008 7:44 PM, Vincent Povirk <madewokherd+d41d at> wrote:
> This is an attempt to solve the problems with double-clicking .exe
> files from file managers.
> The patch adds a script named winestartfile that mimics what happens
> on windows when a file is double-clicked in explorer. It starts the
> file using start.exe with the full path to the file and in the
> directory that contains it.
> It also modifies the wine.desktop shortcut to use that script when
> opening .exe files.
> My previous attempt at this incorrectly ran start without giving a
> full path (so that if a file named start.exe exists in the current
> path, it will take precedence) and probably tried to change too many
> things at once.
> --
> Vincent Povirk

Vincent Povirk

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