Next big app(s) to try?

Dan Kegel dank at
Sun Feb 17 11:11:58 CST 2008

On Feb 17, 2008 4:02 AM, L. Rahyen <research at> wrote:
>         What about support for Autodesk products (such as AutoCAD and 3ds max)? As
> far as I know there is two group of problems preventing them from working:
> copy-protection related and .NET related. ...
>         However for not-so-new versions there is no .NET issues (just copy-protection
> problems)....
>         This is true for AutoCAD too (as far as I know AutoCAD and 3ds max are using
> same protection called C-Dilla).

Yeah, getting .net working would be great, and we seem to be making
some progress there.  And getting the copy protection used by these apps
would be great.  Googling around, I see that C-Dilla has sometimes been
called Safecast, which is related to Safedisc, so I took the liberty of updating with a link to the Autocad 2000 bug,  That one looks like
it's waiting for some action - James pointed out a simple-looking problem,
but nobody's tackled it yet.

I'm torn between tackling hard problems and just going for the
low-hanging fruit.
I think the upshot is: I'm going to push hard on the low-hanging fruit,
and let the hard problems sort themselves out in their own time,
since pushing on them usually tends to involve a lot of wheel spinning.
- Dan

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