Next big app(s) to try?

denis bonnenfant denis.bonnenfant at
Sun Feb 17 16:06:24 CST 2008

Another major application that may be interesting to support is SolidWorks.

Why ?

- It's one of the most popular CAD application for mechanical design and 
engineering, and surely the most used for educationnal purposes. Although the 
industrial version is quite expensive, thousands of $ or €, it is availiable for 
free for students in europe, and currently, it is the only app that may prevent 
them from switching from Windows to Linux.

- The Vista version is a pure disaster (or is vista the disaster ?), on a 
high-end notebook, it runs much slower than on a 4-years old low-end one with 
Win2K ! I saw many users really disappointed having to switch their brand new 
notebook back to XP, So there is a real "market" for linux/wine here !

- No MacOs version or alternatives.

- No opensource alternatives, and no linux native equivalents too ( Pro/E used 
to have a linux version, but i have no news about it )

Technically, most of the work seems to be done, i'm regularly testing it against 
  new wine versions, and it mostly works, except 3 blocking bugs that prevent 
any real use. Unfortunately, it looks like there are no other apps impacted, as 
  I saw no evolution for long months.  :

+ installation just works out of the box, no tricks needed, so testing is really 
simple, as the downloadable version can be run without registration during one 

+ The modeler, the parasolid kernel, works perfectly. Very big assemblies can be 
opened and modified, and all the functions works, except one.

- The most important function, extrude, is crashing, but it is related to the UI 
only, I guess. unfortunately, I wasn't able to find the problem.

- OpenGL child windows bug, or its 
cousin is still here, it was mostly solved by this patch
, but actual wine version is in regression.

- Can't save files, looks like some things are missing in storage implementation

- Big issues with flicker-free screen redraw, causing visual artifacts and huge 
bitmaps to be allocated ( surely sync issues, causing0 messages to be passed in 
bad order, with unallocated values)

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