Usable Wine interface

Remco remco47 at
Sun Feb 17 19:35:46 CST 2008

I'd like to add a feature-request (should this go somewhereelse?). What about making a Wine GUI to behave more like emulators likeVirtualBox. It's extremely hard right now to get Wine in desktop mode.It would be nice if you could start Wine as an application, which opensup a window like this: (ignore the virtualbox-stuff)

And if you start one of those prefixes, it by default opens a WineDesktop with a simple Taskbar & Start-menu. Somewhere in theStart-menu could be the option to switch to desktop integration mode.There could also be an option to run the Wine Desktop full-screen. Likethis: (forgive my GIMP skills)

I believe this would be very good for usability. Desktop mode is morestable than seamless mode, yet it's hidden in winecfg. This kind of UIalso exposes the prefix-functionality in a transparent way. Wouldn'tthat be a nice 1.0 polishing idea?


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