How should we treat users on bugzilla?

Tlarhices tlarhices at
Sun Feb 17 22:35:58 CST 2008

I think Wine is already considered has user-hostile.
In my opinion the main problem is that the bug tracker is too easy to 
find and the forum too hard to find. Also the forum could be a place to 
ask question without having to call it a bug but is only a simple 
discussion channel and totally inconvenient for a user to find / add 
questions / answers.
As wine is attracting more and more people, a place for the simple user 
which is afraid of compiling / command line / ... should be added. I 
think Ubuntu is a great example of 'normal' user and information management.
The forum could also be used to discuss out of wine source bugs and to 
keep solutions without perturbing the developers focusing on wine (Think 
of pulseaudio and wine, that problem will be recurrent has it is seems 
to be coming as a standard for many future distribution, ...).

Dan Kegel a écrit :
> I've been seeing a lot of bugs closed as INVALID
> when a poor user didn't file the bug perfectly.
> IMHO this leads to Wine having a user-hostile reputation.
> Case in point:
> What can we do to reduce this kind of behavior?
> Maybe we should have a "three warnings" sort of
> policy.  If somebody continues to be rude to users
> after being asked twice not to, we should consider
> taking away their Bugzilla privileges for a while.
> Sure, that would hurt our productivity, but it might
> be better to do that than to alienate our users.
> What do other people think?
> - Dan

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