Winnowing the 1.0 bug list

Dan Kegel dank at
Sun Feb 17 23:45:18 CST 2008

We now have about 100 bugs nominated for fixing in 1.0.
Thanks to everybody who nominated bugs.

Now it's time to winnow the list a bit.  1.0 bugs should
be 'important' somehow, easy to reproduce, and
have some chance of actually being fixed by, say, summer.
The better understood a bug is, the more likely it is
it can be fixed for 1.0, so even less important bugs
can be 1.0 bugs if they're well enough understood and
a patch is available.

Here are a few bugs I'm thinking of deferring, and why:

Not important enough Mercora IMRadio crashes Stokes crashes everestpoker and
Programmer's Editor don't work Armed Assault doesn't load web page Alzip crashes

Probably not doable by summer Add BiDi support

Not well enough understood: Dual-core not being
correctly supported

Do people agree with those assessments, and are there other
bugs nominated for 1.0 that don't quite deserve it?
- Dan

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