Usable Wine interface

Dmitry Timoshkov dmitry at
Mon Feb 18 01:30:30 CST 2008

"Edward Savage" <epssyis at> wrote:

> I would very much like to see a --spawn-new trigger that can be added
> to a command to start a new virtual desktop.
> At the moment my default setting is a virtual desktop for everything
> and I believe this is the current wine default.

No, it is not.

> My issue is that
> every application comes into that virtual desktop and you cannot alt
> tab between them.  This is an issue when you have three full screen
> games running at once and I really don't want to go making custom
> settings for all of them.

What's the purpose of running 3 full screen games simultaneously?
Perhaps you have to run them with different wine prefixes then.


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