[PATCH] Environment variable to specify X11 window for desktop

Timothy Lee timothy.lee at siriushk.com
Sun Feb 17 19:52:28 CST 2008

Dear Dmitry,

Dmitry Timoshkov wrote:
>>> I'm struggling to imagine a case where the behaviour you've 
>>> implemented is useful.
>> I'm actually using this code as the basis of a PowerPoint plugin 
>> under Linux.
> I little bit more information won't hurt. For instance why your plugin
> needs to re-route the whole desktop window, and not just its own one.
The patch was used in a browser plugin that uses PowerPoint Viewer 
(97/2003/2007) and WINE to display PowerPoint slideshows.  While 
developing the plugin, I've found that PowerPoint Viewer always playback 
slides inside a window that covers the whole desktop.  Hence the idea 
was born to embed the desktop inside a native X11 window.

I thought this patch might be useful to others with similar 
requirements, namely, to embed full-screen win32 applications inside a 
native X11 window.

Timothy Lee

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