[PATCH] Environment variable to specify X11 window for desktop

Timothy Lee timothy.lee at siriushk.com
Sun Feb 17 22:19:50 CST 2008

Dear Dmitry,

Dmitry Timoshkov wrote:
> "Timothy Lee" <timothy.lee at siriushk.com> wrote:
>>>>> I'm struggling to imagine a case where the behaviour you've 
>>>>> implemented is useful.
>>>> I'm actually using this code as the basis of a PowerPoint plugin 
>>>> under Linux.
>>> I little bit more information won't hurt. For instance why your plugin
>>> needs to re-route the whole desktop window, and not just its own one.
>> The patch was used in a browser plugin that uses PowerPoint Viewer 
>> (97/2003/2007) and WINE to display PowerPoint slideshows.
> It's still now clear to me what kind of plugin it is, and what it is
> doing. You call it once "a PowerPoint plugin", and next time "a browser
> plugin".
It's a PowerPoint plugin for Mozilla-based browsers, which can be used 
to embed a PowerPoint slideshow inside a web page.  So yes, both 
references were valid (though, as you have indicated, no crystal clear).
>> While developing the plugin, I've found that PowerPoint Viewer always 
>> playback slides inside a window that covers the whole desktop.  Hence 
>> the idea was born to embed the desktop inside a native X11 window.
> An application plugin usually has access to the application internals in
> some fashion, so I don't understand how that idea jumped from an 
> application
> window (where the plugin lives) to the whole desktop window (a separate
> process).
No, I don't have the "internal" of the PowerPoint Viewer, as it's 
written by Microsoft.  However, the plugin code does know about the X11 
window supplied by the browser for embedding purpose, and this is passed 
via the newly defined environmental variable to Wine.
>> I thought this patch might be useful to others with similar 
>> requirements, namely, to embed full-screen win32 applications inside 
>> a native X11 window.
> That kind of hack has nothing to do with Wine desktop window if what it
> targets is just an application window.
Um.  How about if the scope of the patch is repharsed as "embedding the 
Wine desktop inside an X11 window"?


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