programs: add winestartfile for starting files from the unix path (for file managers)

Steven Edwards winehacker at
Mon Feb 18 04:07:00 CST 2008

As explorer.exe is always running could you do something like extend
it so that that KFM and friends could call 'explorer.exe filename'
directly? It seems redundant to add another winelib application when
you are trying to emulate explorer functionality anyway and explorer
is always running. You could extend it to use messaging to connect to
an existing explorer.exe process also.


On 2/17/08, Vincent Povirk <madewokherd+d41d at> wrote:
> This is now attempt 4, not that anyone's counting.
> Adding winelib programs is a bit involved, and I imagine I've screwed
> something up along the way. If you know how to add them properly,
> please say something, even if it's to tell me I did it right.
> This patch adds a winelib program called winestartfile for starting
> files given the unix path. It attempts to mimic what windows explorer
> does to start files and provide some visible (gui) feedback when it
> doesn't work. The idea is that wine.desktop can then be modified to
> use winestartfile instead of wine, solving the following problems when
> starting exe files from file managers:
> * File managers typically do not set the working directory to the
> directory that contains an exe when they start it. Setting the working
> directory is the default behavior for windows explorer, and many
> windows programs rely on it.
> * File managers naturally use the unix path to start files, and the
> wine binary passes the unix path along to the exe it starts, rather
> than translating it to a windows path (this can and probably should
> also be fixed somewhere else).
> * Windows explorer always starts exe files with quotes around the path
> in the command-line, even if the path does not contain spaces. The
> wine binary does not (and probably should not) add quotes in this
> situation. A few apps rely on the quotes. See
> --
> Vincent Povirk

Steven Edwards

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