Do we need a forum?

Jeff Zaroyko jeffzaroyko at
Mon Feb 18 16:10:52 CST 2008

L. Rahyen <research <at>> writes:

> 	Actually, forums are the standard also. There is a lot of projects who have 
> forums for general discussion. Personally I don't like this at all, 
> registration and posting almost always are very complex and annoying; this 
> another reason why I like mailing lists more. But this isn't as bad as it 
> seems, because it is possible to create better forums, without such 
> drawbacks (and I can try to do this in case of positive decision). Server 
> isn't a problem, I can give my server for this purpose. And of course mailing 
> list will stay as is (so users will be able to choose between official 
> mailing list and official forum).
> 	Question is, will be a (official) forum a useful *addition* (for our users) 
> to what we have now or not?...

We already have a forum, the appdb.  

I think it just needs some work to make what we have, better so that it
actually looks like a forum, as I elaborated on in this post here

It's just a matter of some modification to create a better user interface,
there's no need to create a new forum, just change how we can view and
interact with the existing data.

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