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Steven Edwards winehacker at
Mon Feb 18 18:55:23 CST 2008

On Feb 18, 2008 6:57 PM, L. Rahyen <research at> wrote:

>         And personally I think that it will be too hard even for someone who knows
> AppDB very well. Also, there is naming confusion ("WINE forum" and "AppDB
> forum" - this will not allow users to find easily official WINE forum). And
> of course currently AppDB isn't specified as a forum at all (just try in
> Google "AppDB forum" - it seems that no one call AppDB "forum"). Another
> problem is that not all questions/comments are related to one particular
> application or applications at all - for example, general question about
> compile issues or other problems are possible (just compare wine-users
> archive with AppDB to see the difference).

We discussed this at wineconf and could not reach consensus on what would be the
best method.

>         Currently it's hard for newbie to find a official WINE forum (try in Google
> for example "WINE forum linux"); well, this is because there is no official
> WINE forum currently... So most users who want to discuss WINE related issues
> in a forum discuss them on general Linux/distribution' forums.

That was the idea in creating wine-forum. It would be one forum to
bind them all so to
speak. Currently wine discussion is fragmented across various forums
in ubuntu, gentoo,
Play on Linux, Winedoors, etc

>         Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to read all such forums, this is
> really too much "fragmented", this leads to some inefficiencies: sometimes
> WINE related questions on such forums cannot receive useful answer for a long
> time. Even worse, even if I find some question that I can quickly answer on
> the forum, it is impossible to do so without time consuming registration
> process. In fact there was some cases when I searched for some WINE related
> issues, find someone's unanswered question that I can answer quickly, but
> never find enough time and motivation to register.
>         This is actually the problem that should be addressed if we decide to create
> forum. Registration shouldn't be required. At most (for protection from spam
> bots), few digits from a small picture should be entered by unregistered
> users before posting and that's all. As I said earlier, it is also important
> to have ability to subscribe for all messages from the forum otherwise
> (reliable) user support will be hard. And there is a lot of other important
> issues... By the way, don't have these important
> features at all (just a note).
>         And of course, I'm able to implement myself everything I'm talking above,
> with well looking design. But I will do this only if there is demand in
> this... That is, if it would be decided to create forum I will be glad to
> help, but if not then there is no point in creating of something that is
> intended for the community and isn't demanded high enough by this community.
>         As I already said, I like mailing lists much more than forums, so my opinion
> about usefulness/uselessness of the forum is neutral. But I think it is
> useful to discuss this topic so right decision can be made (create or not to
> create the forum, or find other solution(s), or don't change anything at all)
> as a result of the discussion.

As I stated, we discussed this at wineconf and consesus was not
reached. Dan wanted to use google groups, others want to keep mailing
lists, while others still want to use the newsgroups. wine-forum is
run by Tom Wickline who is a long time wine contributor so while I
would support a better system that integrates with appdb and the
winehq mainsite better, I am leery of yet another system if its not
going to have someone or someones dedicated to maintain it for years
to come. Also as I stated, I don't think appdb is covers every
discussion topic unless you extend it to support distros, Wine forks,
winelib application projects, etc. Tom is committed to doing this with
wine-forum. If there is something you don't like, such as the
registration, advertisements, etc I am sure he is willing to adjust
the user experience.

Steven Edwards

"There is one thing stronger than all the armies in the world, and
that is an idea whose time has come." - Victor Hugo

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