Do we need a forum?

Christopher Harvey arbuckle911 at
Mon Feb 18 20:53:16 CST 2008

L. Rahyen wrote:
> On Monday February 18 2008 19:44:08 Austin English wrote:
>> On Feb 18, 2008 12:35 PM, L. Rahyen <research at> wrote:
>>>         Of course, there is some people who like forums. If we decide to
>>> create forum specifically for them, it is important to have possibility
>>> to subscribe for receiving all (full) messages from the forum to e-mail
>>> with direct link to reply page for corresponding message, and ability to
>>> login permanently without stupid timeout (using cookies). In fact there
>>> is some forums like this (unfortunately, all of them are unrelated to
>>> WINE) and they are pretty usable (however, personally I like mailing
>>> lists more, and didn't used forums for a long time). Of course, if there
>>> is no volunteer(s) to create and support such forum - then wine-users is
>>> enough I think.
>> In my experience, the 'older' crowd prefers newsgroups, but 'younger'
>> people prefer message boards. Similar to how more advanced users
>> prefer CLI, but inexperienced/novices use GUI. It seems to me we're
>> trying to help the gui type of person, and a message board would be an
>> easier way to do this, IMHO.
> 	Then what exactly we want? It is useful to decide what we need. For example, 
> phpBB forum with certain mods/modifications to give functionality I 
> mentioned. If we agree with this (or decide to choose something else), then 
> we can discuss next details, etc.
> 	In fact, if we decide to create phpBB forum, I can help here. I have 
> programming experience with this in the past, and I can create ready-for-use 
> forum if we decide we need this (of course I can make also its design, etc.). 
> Also, I can give hosting on my server.
> 	But first, we should make decision what we need. If above offer is 
> acceptable, then design details can be discussed farther. If not then what is 
> acceptable.
Why not make a forum and then have winehq link to it? If it becomes
popular maybe it'll become the official one. That's the spirit of the
GPL, the way I see it, don't need popular support or permission.

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