Do we need a forum?

Dan Kegel dank at
Tue Feb 19 12:48:22 CST 2008

Steven Edwards wrote:
> My thoughts, as well as
> Tom's was that by creating a "blessed" location, all third parties as
> well as vendors that develop Wine related products could say "if you
> want to discuss using a vendor provided Wine product in a
> non-supported manner all are advised to go here and share information"

Yes, of course, it would be nice if there were One True Place to go,
but the closest we're ever going to get is essentially the status quo,
where the wine-users mailing list is the place of record for user support,
the appdb is the place of record for looking for tips for a particular app,
and all the other areas are secondary.  We can improve slightly
on this by linking to other popular wine forums as they pop up,
emphasizing all the while that they are secondary.
- Dan

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