Adding devices in setupapi

Juan Lang juan.lang at
Tue Feb 19 18:00:41 CST 2008

No worries on the double post, you ask a slightly different question here:

>  I'm trying to add the ipod detection from crossover wine to winehq.
>  However it seems to be not compatibel due to changes to setupapi in
>  the last 3 years.

The crossover Wine tree was written for version 4.x of iTunes, I
believe.  Using it directly in winehq is not likely to be a help,
because that version of iTunes is quite old, and the method newer
versions of iTunes uses to find and talk to iPods is different.
(Remember also Rob's comment about iTunes changing every 3-6

The code in winehq is, I believe, correct as far as which registry
keys it queries.  I wrote it with iTunes in mind, at any rate.  What
you want to figure out is not how to extend setupapi's SetupDi
functions.  Instead, you want to figure out how to enumerate the iPod,
and call the SetupDi functions to have them create the appropriate
registry keys.

Assuming the version of iTunes you're testing with behaves similarly
to the one I tested for bug 9649, once you've got the right registry
keys set, you'll get crashes due to the missing CM_* functions in
cfgmgr32/setupapi.  Or, maybe the version you're playing with is
different all over again...

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