Kudos for Photoshop work

Dan Kegel dank at kegel.com
Wed Feb 20 16:02:23 CST 2008

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Preamble: I'm a photographer needing to process tens of thousands of
photos relatively swiftly. The functionality I need isn't all that
advanced (curves, levels, an occasional straighten horizon (measure +
arbitrary rotate), crop, unsharp mask, and sometimes an action to find
edges, feather and apply unsharp mask on that), but being able to
access and apply this functionality swiftly is an absolute must
because of the volume of photos I deal with. Photoshop is optimized to
perfection to allow a swift workflow, while the gimp seems optimized
to perfection to hinder it. Focus is never where I need it, shortcuts
to access tools don't work depending on which sub-window has focus,
etc. So yes, I really need Photoshop.

I last tried Photoshop 7 under wine about a year ago. It was
functional to an amazing degree (for someone who'd never seen or used
wine before), but the rough edges were slightly too rough for me to be
able to switch to Linux fulltime. I could trigger a dozen crashes in
Photoshop at will just by resizing panels and doing other simple
things like that, the program didn't feel native (alt-tabbing would
keep the panels in the foreground, obscuring other programs), and
focus sometimes strayed, amongst other lesser (but still annoyingly
noticeable) issues.

I just tried the latest wine with these Google sponsored improvements,
and wow. This is an amazing difference. Every single issue I saw a
year ago is gone. Photoshop feels as responsive as it does under
Windows (perhaps even more so), and I went through an hour long
editing session without being slowed down or annoyed even once.

As far as I'm concerned, Linux is now ready to become my main OS.

Google: I don't like your lack of respect for my privacy, but for this
work on Wine, I can say from the bottom of my heart: Thank you!
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Ah.  Music to my ears :-)

- Dan

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