Adding devices in setupapi

Erich Hoover ehoover at
Wed Feb 20 20:08:11 CST 2008

> I think it probably does something similar to:
> Except instead of mapping a drive to usb device, it does it the other
> way around.
> After looking more into it it really looks like this is the thing it
> does. (I need a bunch of hacks for it to work, but alas.) However it
> doesn't get me much further since our IOCTL_STORAGE_GET_DEVICE_NUMBER
> ioctl is a stub. I would need something that can at least guarantee
> uniqueness per volume for it, perhaps a conversion of drive letter to
> integer. Now I just need to figure that one out.
> Cheers,
> Maarten.
> I do not believe the device number matching is the problem, I have been
exploring this problem a little with RemoveDriveByLetter and I believe that
it is not working because the SymbolicLink entry is not added as a "real"
thing in Wine. Performing an experiment with accessing the same drive letter
in three different ways (results below, last parameter is "hDrive") I see
that only the call with the registry-returned value for the drive fails
(even if it is added to "HKLM/System/MountedDevices").  I believe that a
call to IoCreateSymbolicLink must be made in order for the name returned by
the registry to be recognized as an alias for the drive.  I think iTunes is
probably going through the device tree looking for its vendor and product
code.  It should get this back from CM_Get_Device_ID, but I do not have
Windows so I cannot fake iTunes out to confirm this.

'\\?\Volume{00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000048}': 60
SetupDiGetDeviceInterfaceDetail '\\.\H:': 64
Device number comparison: 1 1
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