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Mitchell Mebane mitchell.mebane at
Thu Feb 21 13:39:21 CST 2008

Dan Kegel wrote:
> 2008/2/21 Tom Wickline <twickline at>:
>>  [if] the forums at were not
>>  popular enough to make this cut, may I ask how many users = popular?
> Well, let's see:
> Ubuntuforums: Threads: 685,027, Posts: 4,364,352, Members: 509,031
> Linuxforums: Threads: 111,640, Posts: 550,654, Members: 149,826
> Themen: 238.148, Beiträge: 1.602.009, Benutzer: 70.611
>  Threads: 22,816; no idea how many
> posts or members.
> Threads: 174, Posts: 529, Members: 751
> I think you have to grow by about two orders of magnitude
> to complete.  And even then, you'd be
> fragmenting the user space.  I rather doubt the
> average Ubuntu user, comfortable in his or her Ubuntu
> forum, will venture afield when there's a wine area right
> there in the ubuntu forum site.  Likewise, users comfortable
> with the wine-users mailing list are unlikely to switch.  etc.
> By adding a new forum, you're decreasing the quality of
> support in the existing ones.
> - Dan

Soo... the obvious thing to do is contact all the major Linux forums 
with Wine sections, explain that we're trying to set up an official 
forum, and see if they'll lock their Wine sections and redirect members 
to the official forum.

If they all buy in, great.  If not, keep the status quo.

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