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Marcel Partap mpartap at
Thu Feb 21 18:07:10 CST 2008

 > (Though it sure would be nice if we had that bidirectional
 > gateway working.  It never seems to stay up.)

I tried to bring it up before, but anyways: drupal looks like a good way too go. It's fast, foss, 
flexible and with these modules
and a bit of work it will be a perfectly synchronized mailing list - forum hybrid thing mirroring 
f.e. wine-user in a forum and vice versa. However, these modules have not yet been ported to Drupal 
6 yet, also this all still looks a bit hackish. At the moment I have to do some intensive studying 
for an exam in three weeks, after that I'll try messing with those as I want to use them on my own 
website, too. When I'm ready with that, I'll report back. Don't hold your breath, it'll take at 
least another month...
regards marcel

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