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Marcel Partap mpartap at
Fri Feb 22 05:00:02 CST 2008

 > I did some looking into this myself.  Drupal looked interesting, but the solution
 > that seemed simplest and best to me was using a  phpbb and a mailman <--> phpbb gateway.
There are more advantages a drupal solution would have, namely a proper issue tracker / project 
management thing (have a look at Also there's a CVS deploy 
module, so maybe in the long run it will be possible to integrate the main site, the 
mailman lists and the bug tracker into one drupal thing (also, phpbb can be integrated.. but the 
Drupal forum is way leaner and of course can be styled with CSS to be inline with the 
corporate design)
However migrating in a single step is probably not very clever, so let's just bring up here if we 
manage to produce something that works.. I'll report back, too, once I've migrated those modules to 
drupal 6 and got it to work properly.

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