Wine and PulseAudio

Stefan Dösinger stefandoesinger at
Fri Feb 22 02:19:23 CST 2008

Am Freitag, 22. Februar 2008 01:50:09 schrieb Tomas Carnecky:
> I switched my desktop to PA yesterday, got most apps working, and to my
> surprise even flash (netscape 32bit plugin in a 64bit browser). All apps
> that I need use PA natively, only Wine doesn't have a PA sound driver.
The point was and is that we don't want yet another half working sound backend 
in Wine. We will have to maintain the Alsa one because there are things PA 
won't be able to give us by design, like HW mixing and lowest-latency direct 
access which is needed for gaming.

Of course, as you said, if someone has patches and intends to maintain it 
we're happy to accept it. But I think none of the current Wine sound 
developers(aka Maarten) has any intentions to spend time on a PA backend.
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