Bugs fixed in 0.9.56

Dan Kegel dank at kegel.com
Fri Feb 22 11:39:39 CST 2008

Here are the bugs marked fixed during the 0.9.56 cycle.
(A few of them were fixed earlier, but not marked as such before.)

1737    Metafiles embedded in Rich Text don't render
3768 	Blood 2 The Chosen - keyboard and mouse do not work
5114 	suggesting more descriptive desktop window titles
5503 	Opening help in Office97 triggers unhandled page fault
6383 	Dual-core not being correctly supported
6914 	C&C Red Alert pauses on shaking game view
7544 	ReplaceFileW not implemented
7660 	Mouse Movement not recognized at slower speeds in World of Warcraft
8236 	Dungeon Siege 2 has some animation issues
8687 	Online Poker program: unimplemented classes in shdocvw
8722 	Unhandled Exception in InstallShield Wizard for 'Star Wars: The
Best of PC' Games
9741 	URLDownloadToFile only supports HTTP URL's
9917 	Add X11 child window for client area
10010 	Call of Duty 4 Demo: Fails to start: "Video card or driver
doesn't support separate alpha blend."
10083 	Inverted colours in C&C RA demo exit screen
10736 	iTunes 7.5 hangs
10787 	Can't install 3ds max 9
10808 	Saitek P990 crashes MVP Baseball 2005
10973 	Regression: Commandos 3 - menu not properly rendered
11008 	Problem through the registration of an assembly
11009 	Battlefield 1942: no longer starts after patching to Version 1.6
11037 	Painkiller game crashes on startup
11136 	Trados: TagEditor loosing contact with Workbench.
11187 	Scanf bug
11204 	mail inspector doubles messages in 0.9.53
11257 	Can't install Slingplayer
11340 	Warcraft 3 displays the start splashscreen forever and doesn't
continue with the game start.
11348 	EVE Online: character portrait parts are rendered with glitches
11362 	ChemDraw9 messed up struture fonts
11398 	Some PhotoShop controls are not working properly.
11426 	Cryptographic exception in .NET Framework application
11480 	msi2xml fails to convert an msi file to xml
11488 	corefont installers hanging
11514 	Adobe Acrobat Professional 6 fails to install
11545 	call of duty 4 stopped working around the time of 0.9.54(not
fixed with 55)
11550 	Speed Commander 12 hangs on install while copying files
11553 	Paintbrush movement becomes erratic with large brush in photoshop
11573 	GTA San Andreas: Mouse skips with recent change to Wine
11645 	OSDRT Client fails with "Protocol error: process 0015: sendmsg:
Bad file descriptor" (wineserver crash)
11646 	resident evil 4 crash just after wine start

- Dan

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