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Kai Blin kai.blin at
Mon Feb 25 03:21:46 CST 2008

On Monday 25 February 2008 09:24:10 Kai Blin wrote:

>  * Implementing a WinePluginApi so other programs can use Windows DLLs
> inside of Linux apps

Scope seems a bit tricky here, but this is not my area of experience. 

> * Improving our HTML/Win32 Help viewers.

What needs to be done here? Did last year's CHM compiler project produce any 
results? Jacek, you mentored this, comments?

> * Implementing the ASIO audio infrastructure for Cubase

Is this already implemented?

> * Implement the MS Wsock dll (dlls/mswsock), an enhanced winsocket
> implementation

There was a project about this in 2006. What happened to that one?  Eric 
Pouech mentored this one.

> * Valgrind and Wine integration (see: Wine_and_Valgrind)

Dan, you're the Wine and Valgrind person. How much integration does this still 

> * Complete the Wine Web browser (aka. Internet Explorer) ie. frame
> controls, toolbar, status bar

Steven Edwards suggested some work on that recently. Is there enough work left 
to make this a full SoC project?

> * Full URLMoniker implementation. (IE working with builtin urlmon.dll)

That one's for Jacek to comment. :)

> * Implement transacted mode for OLE32 Storage (STGM_TRANSACTED)

Rob, probably for you.

> * Improve cmd.exe compatibility

This is a bit unspecific. Do we have a set of deliverables for this one?

> * Get Mozilla compiling as a Winelib application
> (

Looks like Mozilla builds in mingw32 now, so maybe that webpage should be 
updated. I'm not sure how much effort this project actually would be. 
Comments, anyone?

> * pick some real-world app or game that doesn't work well, and improve Wine
> so it installs and runs the app better. (Some good examples might be
> Photoshop, Visual Basic, a game etc)

Scope-wise, these are really tricky. I'm not sure if we should keep this line 
on the wiki at all.

> * pick a Windows feature that is incomplete in Wine, and improve the
> feature and its conformance tests. (Some good examples might be riched20,
> DirectPlay, etc)

RichEd20 has been targeted by two SoC projects so far. How much work is left 
there? DirectPlay finally seems possible now that the protocol spec was 
released. I'm happy to mentor something like that.

Can we come up with more dlls that might be needed?


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