GSOC (proposal)

David Adam david.adam.cnrs at
Mon Feb 25 04:32:03 CST 2008

Here are my wishes for GSOC:

D3DX dlls begin to be implemented. It seems that this could be a good GSOC
to implement more feature of this dll, in particular the shader compiler.
In the view of wined3d, I think about vertex blending, since there are tons
of game using this feature.
Stefan, is this doable in the scope of GSOC?

Sound should be improved also, since there are games that still crash, in
despite of M. Lankhorst's great job ( dmime, quartz,.... dlls problem).

And the last but not the least :D: fix the infamous warping mouse bug. I
know that it is mainly a problem with X server, but maybe a wine develooper
could propose  a GSOC to Xorg guys to fix this.

David A.
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