More ops for(#winehq (was Re: Wine hostmask for Freenode IRC)

Jeremy White jwhite at
Mon Feb 25 10:09:59 CST 2008

Hey Ben,

> I submitted one ages ago and it was approved. Sorry that I've not been 
> in IRC for ages, just lots to deal with outside of computer-land these 
> days. For the record it took about a year and a half for the group 
> registration to go through. AFAIK I now have overriding rights and 
> control of the channels (although it's not shown in access).
> If anyone needs anything added or changed (including hostmasks) just 
> email me.

Ah, great!  Could I ask you to arrange to transfer that to the
Software Freedom Conservancy?  (That's our 'official' holder for things
like this).

And I think we need to get a raft of folks up to level 30 on #winehackers,
starting with kai, and I'd appreciate it if you'd make
me and julliard level 40 on both.



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