X developer's conference, April 16-18

Stefan Dösinger stefandoesinger at gmx.at
Mon Feb 25 10:49:42 CST 2008


I'm picking up that topic again. I lost the original mail, so I apologize for 
the lost in-reply-to references.

I think we have a few topics to talk to the X people about. If nobody else 
volunteers I could go to the conference personally, however, I'd need some 
support financing the travel costs. However, I'm European, so it might work 
better for someone local in the US.

A few proposed topics:

* Relative mouse movements
* A few new GL extensions. Only partially concerns Xorg, but I think it is 
reasonable to present them there in the hope that ATI, Nvidia and Mesa people 
are there.
 -> Flat shading vertex colors
 -> sRGB writing without blending
 -> Texture rectangles with normalized coords
 -> GLSL support for some D3D shader instructions(mova, lit)
 -> More widespread support for a few existing extensions
* Other things?

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