GSoC project ideas

Scott Ritchie scott at
Mon Feb 25 15:54:57 CST 2008

Kai Blin wrote:
> Feel free to add your own project ideas, maybe elaborate a bit on the 
> deliverables of the idea.
Here's my idea that I'm hoping someone will take up:

Write a case insensitive FUSE filesystem for us to put the entire
~/.wine directory in.  See

There are two main advantages to this:
Sometimes applications break because users need to install a patch by
hand into the filesystem (say, a zip file), and the files within have a
different case then the files they're supposed to overwrite.  This leads
to multiples of the same file, and Wine sometimes chooses the older one,
leading to weird breakages.

More importantly, a FUSE filesystem like this would allow us to finally
get some speedups by no longer having to prove case-insensitive files
don't exist.  This is a direct cause of some apps working very very
slowly, including install shield (see

Interestingly, this doesn't strictly have to be a Wine SOC project.  It
could fairly easily stand on its own.  We'd probably be the only user
though, so I mention it here.

Scott Ritchie

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