Alistair Leslie-Hughes : msvcrt: Implement wcscpy_s.

James McKenzie jjmckenzie51 at
Thu Feb 28 06:45:22 CST 2008

Alexandre Julliard wrote:
> "James Hawkins" <truiken at> writes:
>> If you'll read the tests, you'll see that the first test is correct
>> (although it should really be >= and he should add a test for this).
> No, it shouldn't be >=, there's no reason to fail if the buffer is the
> same size as the data.
The failure should be when the size of the data is more than the 
buffer.  I think that was the case for the first check.  The question 
was for the second chunk of code.  I think that it should have been less 
than.  If the size of the data and the size of the buffer are the same, 
no change to the size of the buffer is needed.

James McKenzie

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